AntaRixy Peripherals is a blog created on October 25th, 2011. AntaRixy is the name of this blog’s creator, while Peripherals means many points of view shared by all bloggers. That’s the story behind this blog’s name.

AntaRixy Peripherals is proudly presented to share stories, interests, views and ideas with all bloggers and its guests. It discusses various things around our community as the latest life trends. We can talk about coffee, places we visited, recommended foods & beverages, and many more…It’s just like a place we love to hang out.

We will upgrade and update the blog’s functions as a place to promote our specialties, so we could not only add more companions but also earn (more) money! So, what are we waiting for? You are cordially invited to join us for free!

And, you are also most welcome to leave any comment in each post, or contact us at if you have anything to share.

Let’s go onboard…!


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