There are a lot of restaurants serving assorted dishes as their mainstay menu, but only few have unique atmosphere and opulence taste such as this rooftop Restaurant “Oyot Godhong”. This restaurant is located on the rooftop of Mirota Batik in Malioboro area. There is an elevator to take you up to 3rd floor where it is located.  It is an open-air designed venue completed with several wooden gazebos in 2 levels. What makes this restaurant exceptional is its decoration. It preserves wooden statues resembling Javanese wayang figures and elders wearing batik and sarong. There is also an antique vespa parked on a walkway adding to its uniqueness.


Menu presented in this restaurant contains assorted dishes and beverages with the prices ranging from Rp.5.000,- to Rp.15.000,-. Traditional beverages made of oyot godhong or “roots and leaves” are especially served as their mainstay. These beverages are believed to cure when you catch a cold, and to refresh your body after shopping around.

There is one beverage containing “secang” or Caesalpinia sappan L, cinnamon, clove, and sugar called “Uwuh Imogiri”. Uwuh literally means a waste, but here it refers to a mixture of leaves and roots. Imogiri is a royal resting-place located in Yogyakarta where many royal family members of Sultanate Mataram and Yogyakarta are rested in peace here.

Another traditional beverages served here are beras kencur (mixture of galingale, rice, palm sugar, and tamarind), gula asem (a mixed palm sugar and tamarind), kunir asem (mixture of turmeric, tamarind and palm sugar), and many more.


Not only that, this restaurant also provides special dishes from east to west culinary such as veggie capcay, special fried rice, gudeg, sandwiches, pancakes, fried chicken, fried banana mixed with cheese, chocolate and milk, etc.

Open air yet shady, fine atmosphere, good foods, nice music, and fresh drinks…hmm, what else do you want in an eating place?



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