If anyone of you has not heard of this Javanese Culture and Art Museum, you can click this link to see what’s in store in this unique yet beautiful museum.

Entering this museum is like we were withdrawn to centuries ago where the artistic statues, rooms, and buildings are the story-teller and features of the assortment of authentic Javanese cultures and arts.

This magnificent museum is devoted by Haryono’s family to appreciate the beauty of Yogyakarta’s nature and culture where they originated.

There is a combination of rooms and buildings surrounded this museum consisting of Taman Kaswargan, Ullen Sentalu, Beukenhof Restaurant, Muse Souvenir ShopKaputren, Djagad Gallery, and Bale Nitik Rengganis Boutique. All of these beautiful rooms and buildings are established and embellished with high level of art to present its magnificent impression.

If you are an art lover, you will be thrilled by the beauty of the artistic features preserved here. And, if you are not, well…I’m sure you will love this museum anyways.



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