Hi, my name is Molly…I’m big and beautiful, aren’t I?

I'm smiling...don't you see?

You can play with me when you visit Borobudur. I’m sure you know what and where Borobudur is. Eh, you don’t? You don’t know that Borobudur is the greatest temple in Magelang?? Come oonn…it was once appointed as one of the 7 Wonders. Uh-huh, right… Now, ring the bell??

This is called "Borobudur Temple"

Wait, OK, before you said, “where the heck is Magelang?”…here, let me tell you…

Magelang is (*reading Google*) located in Central Java, Indonesia — near Yogyakarta. Or to be more precise, 43km north from Yogyakarta, and 75km south of Semarang. I’m not going to tell you further about Yogyakarta and Semarang. Please google-map it yourself. Sorry bout that.

From my birth certificate (yah-ha, I have a birth certificate…I’m real, duh!), it’s said that I’m 35 this year. Still young, and gorgeus — obviously! Y’know, I’ll still be able to kick Beckham’s ass even at my 80th birthday. Let me tell you about that prehh-teee boy who is running here and there in a green field. He makes a fortune just by showing his smile! Blah. And for me??  Rp.50.000,- per performance!! Not even half of that boy’s boxer! Now tell me, how can I have a decent life (or a date, perhaps??) if My manager never trusts me to keep my own money?? And now, he puts me on diet by giving me GREENS everyday… That’s to maintain my shape, he said. And, peanuts???! Hah. Well, excuse me, MAH-NAY-GERR…a mink coat will do my shape better! In case you don’t know it. Owh, and pedicure!

OK, enough of my crab…let’s continue with something “healthy”…

So now, where were we? Ah, yah…a date…

I’m single and available…and vivid..and funny…and strong enough to carry you around…

See that muscle??

What else do you want for a date?? See that muscle?? No gym will do that! You should start carrying two persons on your back at least 15 minutes a day to get that muscle. Easy? Now, try 10 times every day! That’s what I do. I don’t think you tiny persons are in capable of doing that. Owh, and I have some tricks too that will make you smile. It makes me smile seeing your smile. Especially when you see me bowing before you.

So, come soon, OK? I need someone to talk to. It gets boring here sometimes, although I have 3 friends that look just like me. 2 girls and a guy. But, they’re just too…you know…GREY. Not like you…yellow, red, white, brown. Wait, no green? Ah too bad. I love to see your colors, anyways. When you visit me, I’ll show you around and introduce you to my friends. Let them see that I have more friends than they are. Let them know who’s the Queen here. Will you do that for me?

Please come. SOON. And I mean it. Contact my hotel, Manohara @ +62 293 788131/788680 to setup a date with me. The guys there know me well.

The Pretty Molly


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