Going to Singapore always brings me an overwhelming feeling every time I visit this Country. I don’t know why. But, this time I am not going to talk about the funny feeling I have. I’m going to share with you my experiences visiting this so fine Country. Well, fine here has dualism meaning, which is fine as an adjective…and the other one as a noun. It is true that Singapore is known for their fines for almost everything their Government can come up with. Fine for eating in certain places, for crossing carelessly, littering, chewing gum, wandering around in a park at night, bringing your favorite cigarettes you bought from your own Country in more than allowed amount (which is only 2 packs), and many more. So, you’d better look around if you want to do something before a police officer comes and fines you. Whatever you’ll do, make sure you ask someone or look for a sign that you are allowed or not allowed to do such.

Anyway, I’m not going to complain about those fine things here. I will share about my experience I got from my last visit in Singapore. Hopefully, it might be more interesting than those fines.

It’s about two months ago, I headed to Singapore from Genting by bus. There are actually 4 ways to go to Singapore from Genting, by bus, plane, train, and ferry. I haven’t gone to Singapore by ferry from Malaysia, so I have no comment on that. The cheaper and easier way is by bus, because there is a bus that goes directly to Singapore bus terminals. The bus fare from Genting to Singapore is quite moderate which is only RM35 per person — take the comfortable CitiExchange Express bus. If you buy the ticket from Singapore, the bus fare will be from SGD35 to SGD50 depends on the bus you are taking and where your pick-up or drop-off point is.

But if you want to go by train, you have to go to KL Sentral first. So, you should take a bus from Genting to KL before taking the train. If you are a card holder of Genting Worldcard membership, you can redeem your Genting Point (GP) for only 6 GP to get the Cable Car ticket and Bus ticket from Genting to KL. Otherwise, you can purchase those tickets at RM9 per person at Skyway Cable Car ticket counter. After you get off the bus, take an escalator and then turn left to enter KL Sentral. Then, go straight until you find another escalator that going up to the next level. Take the left turn, then go straight until you get to the furthest counters (near the exit door), then turn right. The ticket counter is in the middle of the hallway. The train to Singapore only has few schedules every day, departing KL Sentral at 08.45, 14.56, 21.20, and 23.00. It takes about 8 hours to go from KL Sentral to Woodland Station – Singapore. (Note : Recently, the train to Singapore only goes up to Woodlands the furthest. So it won’t go to Tanjung Pagar anymore). The train fare is RM34 per person, and you can buy a return ticket with the same price. If you buy from Singapore, the train ticket will cost you at SGD 34. So, it is much cheaper to buy a return train ticket if you know when you are going to return to KL.

After I got off at Kovan Bus Terminal Singapore around 8PM, I immediately looked for the nearby MRT Station to get to Sentosa Island. Actually there is an MRT to get to the island from VivoCity (Lobby L, Level 3) that costs SGD 3 per entrance. But since I was curious about the new development of  Sentosa Boardwalk, I preferred to get there walking after I got off at VivoCity MRT Station. And it’s indeed a beautiful place now, and sooo romantic. There are cafes and restaurants serving various foods and beverages that would make your night a “so-not moment to be missed”. Imagine this, a fine dining place adjacent to an open sea where you can enjoy your dinner and wine, while the moon is above your head. Aww, so romantic, isn’t it? Wait until you see it yourself. You wouldn’t want to miss this place! Go to Sentosa Boardwalk and see what I see in there.

Before getting in the park, there was an admission fee at SGD 1 per person. After I got there in the next 45 minutes, I went directly to the Resort World Sentosa Casino in that area. I was not going to play there, I just wanted to get some rest on a couch inside and of course, to enjoy free drinks. Ha. I went inside the Casino by showing my passport. For Singaporeans, they have to pay SGD100 if they want to go inside it. Even if they are not there for playing. I walked around, got myself a hot coffee, and watched people playing some table games and all. Then in the next 30 minutes, I found myself a nice couch for laying my head just for a while. It appeared to me that I went in deep sleeping that a security guard came over me and suggested me to take a fresh water, while offering me a hot coffee to refresh myself. He asked for my passport though to make some reports. But, lucky enough he didn’t give me any ticket! He recommended me to go to a lounge at the parking lot.

We are allowed to enjoy the facility in that lounge by point redemption at 3 GP per person. But since I was not a card holder of RWS membership, I was unable to get that privilege. I later returned to the lobby, walked around the area to look for any hotel room, but the room rates were so out of reach. I’d rather spend it for something else though. I was a bit hesitate to call a friend and asked if I could crash at their couch instead. It was almost 11pm and there was no more MRT to get out of the island. There was no other choice that I had to take a cab to get to my friend’s place…and there was a night-surcharge which was at SGD 15. Owh my…

To be continued…



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