RUBA GRHA HOTEL located in Jl. Mangkuyudan No. 1 Yogyakarta is one of the busiest hotels in town. Their specialty in handling tour groups is already well-known around the nation, and many groups are keen to reserve this hotel whenever they visit this town. They accommodate their guests with various facilities which are usually required by tour groups, from Olympic-size swimming pool, sports equipment (badminton and table tennis), mini zoo, meeting rooms, to large parking lot. These all are reserved for guests’ enjoyment during their stay.

When I visited this hotel that afternoon, I was warmly greeted by Ms. Hesti (Front Office Staff) whom was pleased to show me around. According to her, this hotel has several sister hotels in town so their guests will not necessarily be concerned about the large number of their group members. Just like the other sister hotels, one of them I visited that afternoon was Diaga Graha which is located nearby.

There are two main buildings in this hotel, one building has 3 floors and the other one adjacent to it has only 1 floor. They have a total number of 46 guest rooms consist of 16 Standard Twin Bed rooms (“Nyaman” and “Chandra Ayu”), 10 Standard Double Bed rooms (“Permai”), 6 Superior rooms (“Utama”), and 14 Deluxe rooms (“Edi Peni”).

Their published rates are listed as follows:

–          Standard Twin Bed Room (“Nyaman”/”Chandra Ayu”)    Rp.250.000,-       (Nett)

–          Standard Double Bed Room (“Permai”)                                 Rp.230.000,-       (Nett)

–          Superior Room (“Utama”)                                                            Rp.300.000,-       (Nett)

–          Deluxe Room (“Edi Peni”)                                                            Rp.350.000,-       (Nett)

–          Extra Bed                                                                                             Rp.90.000,-         (Nett)

*The above rates are nett and inclusive of Tax and Service, welcome drink and breakfast. For lower rates, please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail at vi.anta@ymail.com or leave a comment here. Or, if you wish to contact the hotel directly, you can dial their phone numbers: (62-274) 373531/375593/380246, or fax number: (62-274) 384508.

The rooms she showed me are all clean and neat, and these rooms are very comfortable to accommodate 4 – 5 persons inside. The next stop was their restaurant located in the middle of the building. This restaurant can contain around 150 persons and seem to have a much convenient ambiance. After that, she took me to their mini zoo preserving several snakes and a monkey. The hotel staff will be more than welcome to release their snakes if their guests enthuse to hold or take photographs with these serpents.

So, if you are planning to take a large number of members for any event such as family gathering, study tour, company meeting, etc, I would definitely recommend this hotel for your preference. This is because their location is in a very strategic area and their facilities are quite accommodative. Now, what else do you require for a group gathering? Come by soon.



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