Next one on board…Please welcome the Grand Palace Hotel.

The hotel located in Jl. Mangkuyudan no. 32 Yogyakarta has a splendid and sophisticated establishment. You can instantly feel its luxurious when you see the outer space. It almost outmatches other buildings in the area with its beauty.

After I parked my car on their spacious parking lot that can accommodate about 20 cars, I was at first impended by its big and perkiness. But when I set my foot on the lobby, all the overwhelming feeling was instantly left out. The hotel staff professionally greeted me, and after I explained the purpose of my visit, they willingly provided me a pleasant grand tour. I glimpsed around the lobby that established in Greece architecture with Roman design at every spot of its exterior and interior.  I also noticed there were big paintings hanging on the walls that enhancing the Roman architectural design. It reminded me of ancient buildings in Europe or Greece which once I saw in some travel magazines.

Next to the lobby, there is a cascade restaurant which can accommodate around 150 people. This restaurant is set in dim lights and romantic atmosphere the guests will instantly feel when they enter this area.

Adjacent to it is an Olympic-size swimming pool surrounded by palm trees for endowing the guests a privacy and comfort during their activities.

Rows of rooms at each side of this pool are attached with spacious porch or hallway that the in-house guests will not get distracted or bothered by any noise which may arise. This hotel has 3 floors and a total of 64 guest rooms divided into 30 Superior rooms, 20 Deluxe rooms, 10 Executive rooms (for 2 persons), 2 Executive rooms (for 4 persons), and 2 Presidential Suite rooms.

Each of these spacious guest rooms has a beautiful painting hanging above the headboard. Every room is also provided with complete amenities for the guests. The other thing I noticed from this hotel is that most of the floors are marbled, except for those near the swimming pool. What an expensive investment, eh? But it’s worth the profitable outcome, I believe.

When I checked out with the Published Rates, the room rates are actually mutual. See the list below:

–          Superior                               Rp.499.000,-       (Nett)

–          Deluxe                                   Rp.699.000,-       (Nett)

–          Executive (for 2 pax)      Rp.940.000,-       (Nett)

–          Executive (for 4 pax)      Rp.1.180.000,-   (Nett)

–          Presidential Suite             Rp.1.875.000,-   (Nett)

The above rates are already inclusive of breakfast and afternoon tea/coffee with light snack. Each room is also accommodated with free Wifi, so the guests will still be able to get connected with their family or colleagues back home. For the lower rate, you are welcome to drop me an e-mail at vi.anta@ymail.com or leave a comment here. Or if you prefer to directly contact the hotel, here are their numbers : Phone 0274-372388/414590 (hunting) and Fax 0274-417610/417613, and e-mail at info@thegrandpalacehoteljogja.com.

For those who share the interests of a remarkable holiday, this hotel will be the best recommendation from us. Let’s enjoy the luxurious vacation with a reasonable price here!



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