The next hotel I am sharing with you now was actually visited almost at the end of my survey yesterday afternoon. I was curious as to see its front gate exterior that extends the sense of homey feeling, or a sentiment of nostalgic memories of a village when you came to your grandparents’ house. It has traditional and typical trinkets you can always find in Indonesia, especially Java Island. So classic and unique. That’s what captured me most at the first glimpse. And I am now delighted to share with you all my experience during my visit at this romantic hotel, Jogja Village Inn – Yogyakarta.

When I finally managed to park my car at their not so spacious parking lot, I was welcome with a beautiful fish pond with neat garden surrounds it. It’s really a rush of excitement being on their front porch. On the wall, they put an old yet vintage bicycle called “Onthel” that’s now worth a fortune due to its historical and artistic value.

Inside this hotel, warm and friendly hotel staff greeted me and was delightful to provide me with a pleasant grand tour around the property. The design of lobby interior itself has a fine decoration and furniture that would touch their guests with a feel of home. Cozy, fresh and tranquil.

The more I went inside the more excitement captured my soul. At the adjacent of the lobby and the inner property, I was met by an Eco- green exterior where you would feel like you enter an Eden. It was so beautiful and soothing as far as your eyes can go.

In the middle of this hotel, there lays a salted water pool surrounded by flowery trees which are designated to maintain the guests’ privacy. The salted water is believed to release the fatigues and bring the comfort to your body. It is indeed a nice surrounding where you can relax with your loved one(s) while sunbathing on the wooden benches.

Just the opposite of this pool, I was once again enchanted by their very remarkable and artistic restaurant which can accommodate around 100 guests inside. The restaurant is filled with a dense romantic atmosphere. In the center of it, there are teak piles that enhance the solid and sturdy impression, yet not leaving out the warm and relaxing environment. I was totally crazy about this restaurant that I myself began picturing a romantic dinner. It’s a perfect rendezvous for a honeymoon couple indeed.

The rooms showed by Ms. Nora, the Front Office staff, are absolutely state of the art. They are so fascinating! Each room is designed with a very fine decoration with many antiquities embellished in almost every corner of it. It is like you were taken back to hundred years ago when parts of Indonesia were still separated and ruled by their king. Don’t worry, you don’t need to set back your watch to adjust the time. Just stay there and enjoy the antique and luxurious facility they set for us.

The excitement has not finished yet when I found out that this hotel is equipped with Gym facility, Batik course, Spa and Massage room, in-house Movie theater, and Internet corner where the guests can have the privilege  to benefit all of these during their stay.

As a welcoming gesture, they serve their guests with free coffee/tea and spa & massage treatment for maximum 2 guests per room on their arrival. Isn’t it great?

Now, let’s talk about the money. The published rates they are offering are as follows :

*For lower rates or further queries, you can simply drop me an e-mail at vi.anta@ymail.com or leave a comment here. And if you wish to contact them directly, here are their address and phone numbers :

Jl. Menukan 5, Karangkajen, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 274 373031;384438 & Fax +62 274 382202

So, what else do you want for your perfect plus romantic hideaway? It’s not too late to contact us and start packing now.


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