Let’s continue with the second hotel I visited this afternoon. Grand Rosela Hotel is nicely located in Jl. Prawirotaman no. 28, Yogyakarta. Prawirotaman is an area nestled by many hotels that regularly visited by tourists from other cities and countries.

When I first entered this hotel, it offered me a cozy atmosphere and neat area which I like best. There are 12 Standard Rooms, 13 Moderate Rooms, 7 Deluxe Rooms, and 4 Suite Rooms available in this location. The white painted exterior and interior emerge the sense of cleanliness and friendliness.



The publish rate for each type of room is listed below :

Standard Room Rp.287.000,-

Moderate Room Rp.402.000,-

Deluxe Room Rp.575.000,-

Suite Room Rp.658.000,-

– Extra Bed Rp.100.000,-

*All room rates above are nett and inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons. For hot deals or any query, please contact me by dropping your comments here or e-mail me at vi.anta@ymail.com. You can as well contact the hotel at phone numbers (62-274) 377991/419191 and fax number (62-274) 380010, or e-mail at indahpalace@yahoo.com.

Most of their guest rooms can actually accommodate 4-5 persons inside due to their spacious room and bed. But, if you prefer to have your own bed, you are also able to ask for an extra bed to be conveniently slotted in.

There are 4 Standard rooms located at the third floor facilitated with a balcony at the back of each room to give you the feel of fresh air and convenient space with your loved one(s) after some busy activities during the day.

In the middle of this hotel you can find an interesting restaurant which is situated just beside a swimming pool where you can enjoy a relax dine-in with a semi open air venue. In front of the receptionist desk, they have a small cafe that will serve you with a welcome drink at your preference. The parking lot itself can accommodate 8 cars with the security guard office right next to it. To be at the maximum security of your belongings, every corner of this hotel is equipped with CCTV.

So, if you are ready to take a holiday in Yogyakarta with your family, this hotel is highly recommended.



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