When I visited this place called Pajangan, Bantul — a little further away from the central Yogyakarta, I was enthusiastic because there are so many home industries producing various souvenirs such as Topeng Batik (wooden masks hand-painted with batik pattern), Wayang Klithik (small wooden puppets) and many more. These souvenirs are made from certain woods called kayu pule (Pulae Wood or Alstonia Scholaris R. Br), kayu sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria), and kayu terbelo puso (Terbelo Puso Wood).

This village produces hundreds of various wooden souvenirs every day which are then exported to many countries around the world, such as United States, Australia, and some European countries. They are also customizable based on customers’ specifications and requirements.

I was thankful to be allowed to enter their workshop watching the production flow from the painting, dyeing, coloring, and drying. The hospitality and warmth of these artists are the biggest asset in this industry so that people will always return to make more business with them.



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